This is a ROR formatted XML document describing the resources of the website For information about the ROR format, go to Main Website 3DWindSpinners Our WindSpinners are made of 18 gauge steel and powder-coated for a highly reflective finish. As they spin they appear to change shapes and seem to pulse. The finest quality workmanship is put into every piece and they make unique gifts for friends and family. They also make great garden ornaments to add to the beauty of your home and garden. Wind Spinners, Windspinners, spinners, wind ornaments, 3D ornaments, garden, porch, deck, reflectivity, ornaments, 3d wind spinners Contact Contact Info 3DWindSpinners 973-785-8432 Address Address West Paterson 07424 New Jersey US SiteMap SiteMap Product Products Product Product 1 Wind Spinners to beautify your home. 12.95 to 75.00 USD yes product Product Wind Spinner Acccessories Slow rotation motors to spin these spinners indoors. 10.00 to 35.00 USD yes product 夫妻生活片,一级做一级a做片性视频,国外a√大片一级